The AcuLifting beauty secret is also a beautiful mother daughter adventure…

Pauline D. Simard, has been an acupuncturist for several years and renowned for her vision and great talent. She discovered the benefits of magnetotherapy during her sessions with her patients.

At the beginning, more than 15 years ago already, I first applied needles all over the body to balance energies. And for some regular patients, I added magnets on the face. They kept asking for more when they came back. Then, my girls, acquaintances, friends started asking for them... At the same time, I was searching, reading, studying everything related to the face.

I noted that only the Yang meridians covered the face. "When we see the face's musculo tendon illustration, their places, energy points, meeting points depending on whether they origin from the feet or hands, we understand right away where to apply the needles and magnets."

The magnets have two poles (North South or negative positive or Yin Yang), they are all synonymous. By applying a Yin side magnet on the Yang acupuncture point of the face (North or negative), we get an energy circulation reaction localized to the face.

From there, there was just one step to imagining having the opportunity to receive this type of therapy more often. A mask was the perfect answer...

Pauline confides in her daughter, Marie Josèphe, about the creation of the ACULIFTING mask. While listening to her mother, Marie Josèphe made a decision that would change her life. She chooses to give up her career in order to dedicate herself to the design and marketing of the mask.

The Creation Process

It is the beginning of a long process for the production of prototypes to better define the optimal model and confirm the design steps that meet the different required needs and features:

Ease of use and Durability: The mask had to be rigid (the fabrics tested were not appropriate because the magnets stuck to one another).

Comfort:The mask had to hug the face perfectly, so we had to plan for face imprinting to make a matrix.

Performance:We then had to take measurements of the face and map the meridians and their points on each copy resulting from the thermoforming process of the plaster casted in the matrix.

Precision: Choosing the points is done according to each person's morphology and needs. This is why an artist employee cuts each mask by hand and places the magnetized discs on the points, which are always prescribed by an ACULIFTING technician

Magnet Therapy

The earliest recorded use of magnets dates to 800 B.C. Physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt, India and China described and practiced magnetic therapy and it was mentioned in the writings of Homer, Plato and Aristotle.

Science has established that magnetic energy passes through all material and affects all living things. Magnetic fields surround the earth and protect all living things from harmful radiation. They also influence man’s behaviour, mental function and physical energy.

Magnetism is very effective for healing and restoring the natural balance of the body. Magnetic North pole energy causes an alkalizing effect which helps normalize each body cell by increasing cellular oxygen and restoring pH balance. The cells then become well.

The human body requires an alkaline medium because an acid medium cannot maintain oxygen and is toxic to the human body. A negative magnetic field supports the body’s alkalinity and high need for oxidation capacity for energy production.