Aculifting draws from the beliefs of Chinese medicine and Taoism where every being is an infinite source of energy and in constant evolution. If the body is always evolving, so is your energy: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed! The effects of the magnets on the body vary from one person to the next: everyone has their own rhythm, intensity and level of strength.

By applying magnets on specific energy points, we activate the meridians’ energy network. The magnets stimulate these acupuncture points that not only act on the body, but can also have a positive impact on emotions. To better understand how everything works, you must visualize the energy points on the body as millions of minute switches that the magnets will turn on one by one in the circuit that makes up the body.

All our products follow this same philosophy: we draw from your source of energy to feed your body and mind, simply, for more glow!


“There are several ways to stimulate an energy point: needles (acupuncture), magnets (magnetotherapy), finger pressure (acupressure), laser (acupuncture), light (chromatherapy)… At Aculifting, we use magnets: everyone has their own pace, difference, potential and unicity.”

I hope one day people will stop looking for methods that don’t last and are superficial. People are themselves the answer to their needs, and they already possess all the necessary potential to lead a harmonious life in their body and mind. Aculifting only makes this potential bloom so they can shine and remain authentic and naturally beautiful.

I had the opportunity to learn from a very thoughtful person, my mother, who is passionate for Chinese medicine. I was by her side during the many training sessions we gave together and while working in a clinic for several years. Today, I possess a good experience and I thank her. At Aculifting, everything starts within you!

Marie-Josèphe Simard, CEO Aculifting


The first recorded use of magnets dates back to 800 B.C. Physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt, India and China described and practiced magnetic therapy. This use was also mentioned in the writings of Homer, Plato and Aristotle.

Science has established that magnetic energy goes through all material and affects all living beings. The Earth's magnetic fields protect all living beings from harmful radiation. They also impact human behaviour, mental function and physical energy.

Magnetism is very effective to cure and restore the natural balance of the body. The north pole energy induces an alkalizing effect which helps normalize every cell in the body by increasing cellular oxygen, and restore pH balance.

The human body needs an alkaline environment because oxygen cannot be maintained in an acidic environment and becomes toxic for the human body. A negative magnetic field supports the alkaline environment of the body and the need for oxidation to produce energy.