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ACULIFTING® is a new and energetic approach unlike any other in the world. It is based on the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine and magnetotherapy for which the ultimate goal is to irrigate the face with energy and blood.

Benefits are obtained through the placement of magnets on strategic energy points according to the morphology of each person's face.

Different treatments leveraging this innovative method are offered:


A customized anti-aeging energizing mask, a way of being, for a healthy lifestyle.

For any person who wants to maintain healthy skin and slow down the ageing process.

How it works:
The ACULIFTING mask is a daily companion for your journey through life. That is why it is recommended to wear it at least three times per week during 30 minute for expected results.

Along with the mask, you must wear gloves and ankle bands that have magnets on the major points responsible for supplying blood and oxygen to the face. As such, we bring the basic nutrients to skin cells in order to maintain its health, hence slowing down the ageing process of the skin.


Used daily, AcuLifting efficiently contributes to:

·The improvement of the skin tone and tonicity;
·The maintenance of healthy-looking skin;
·The rejuvenation of the appearance of the face;
·The revitalization of the skin;
·A radiant glow;
·The balance of the skin’s pH;
·A refreshed look;
·The oxygenation of the cells;
·The concentration.


·Is a Québec product custom made from a facial imprint;
·Is a perfect reproduction of your facial morphology;
·Can be used with all beauty products and cosmetic treatments chosen;
·Contains about forty 800 to 2,500 gauss magnets placed in areas that meet the specific needs of each person.


A mask created and designed to grow beautifully from adolescence into adulthood!

For all teenagers and young adults (16 23 years old) who have skin problems or want healthy-looking skin.

How it works:
Health and skin problems often manifest themselves in an acid environment. Magnetotherapy has a direct alkalinizing effect that balances the skin’s pH. An alkaline environment is synonymous of healthy skin because of the oxygen it brings to the cells.


Used daily, Acuteen efficiently contributes to:

·The maintenance of healthy-looking skin;
·The fight against infections and rashes;
·The alkalinisation of the skin;
·The scarring process;
·The balance of the skin’s pH;
·The antibacterial fight;
·The quest for a glowing tone;
·The oxygenation of the cells;
·The concentration.


·Is a Québec product custom-made from a facial imprint;
·Is a perfect reproduction of the facial morphology of the person adopting it;
·Can be used with any beauty product and cosmetic approach;
·Is made with 17 800 gauss magnets placed in areas that meet the specific needs of younger people.


An eye mask especially designed for relaxation, and which targets the main energy points around the eyes.


1.For travellers who want to feel refreshed and relaxed upon landing;
2.To help night workers enjoy recuperative sleep;
3.To provide complete darkness for migraine sufferers;
4.To limit the impacts of a night out;
5.For anyone who simply wants to enjoy a beneficial rest during the day.

How it works:
The AIMANTS LA NUIT eye mask has 13 magnets placed on specific acupuncture points around the eyes. Activating these points relaxes the eye area. The magnets relieve lymphatic congestion that causes dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. They also reduce the appearance of fine lines.

In Chinese medicine, the magnets placed over the Taiyang and Yintang points are known to promote sleep and relieve stress.


The AcuLifting eye mask:

·Is a product made by hand in Québec;
·Has 13 800 gauss magnets placed over specific energy points according to the ACULIFTING protocol to ensure maximum effectiveness;
·Is easy to care for with its removable inner matrix (three-year guarantee*);
·Has a removable cover that can be changed to match the fashion trends.


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The Aculifting© holistic care technique aims at stimulating the energy, restoring complexion, and toning up facial muscles. This is a winning combination for clients and cosmetic professionals searching new effective non invasive alternatives.

The main characteristic of this technique lies in the fact that it doesn’t require any specific expensive product or technological device.

The AcuLifting holistic care 4 point program

1.Massage of the meridians
We bring energy to the face.
2.Muscular tendon stimulation
Achieved with small manual stimulators, this method brings blood and oxygen to the muscles and tendons of the face. The alerted muscles through blood circulation swell up and recover their supportive role.
Magnets are applied on specific facial energy points. The goal of magnetic therapy is to revitalize the skin, improve its texture and tighten the pores, restore elasticity and suppleness, renew hydration and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and finally provide radiance and brightness.
4.Tuina massage
To regulate the Qi (vital energy) circulation that flows through the meridians and harmonize Yin and Yang.

Benefits of the AcuLifting® holistic care:

·To regulate energetic circulation;
·To encourage lymphatic draining;
·To facilitate the absorption of nutriments essential to healthy skin care;
·To help breathing of the skin;
·To promote normal secretion of sebaceous glands;
·To stimulate the skin's own ability to produce collagen, soften itself and minimize wrinkles;
·To promote muscle contraction so they can fulfill their supportive role.