At Aculifting, we believe that physical well-being is drawn from ou own source of energy. We can therefore obtain energetic benefits by applying magnets on strategic acupuncture energy points that act as millions of tiny stimulators giving us back the best of ourselves.



The customized mask is handmade in Canada, and created from a print of your face. It is a perfect reproduction of your facial morphology.

The mask is embedded with about 40 magnets coated with 24-karat gold, positioned according to your specific needs. It is designed just for you, it adapts to your lifestyle and helps you with your quest for integrity. It brings necessary nutriments to your face to improve the glow and health of your skin while remaining authentic.

Therefore, the mask will have varied and unique results of various intensities for each person. This is also the case for the reaction time to notice the effects.

This is a non-invasive technology that builds on people's essence to preserve the integrity of the features. It does not fill them or hide them. Wearing the Aculifting mask means having access to portable specialized energetic care at all times, which can be adapted to the different phases of life to offer more comfort and better results.

The customized mask acts efficiently because each magnet is carefully placed on an acupuncture point, locations recognized for their great sensitivity to stimulate energy flow. Therefore, the results are conclusive. We wear the mask with the magnetized bracelets and gloves to balance the energy the face receives.

I am happy I wished for the existence of this mask, to have thought about it, to have seen it evolve even if I could not produce it. Thankfully, my daughter, Marie-Josèphe Simard, helped me create, research, invent ways to make it come to life. Still today, I appreciate her constant involvement, relentless work. She would surely show signs of premature aging if it wasn’t for the mask!

Pauline D. Simard



The customized Aculifting mask is always available to you. For more visible effects, we suggest wearing it at least 3 to 4 times per week (if not more!), in 30-minute periods.

For better synchronization of your energy, the mask comes with magnetic gloves and strips that must be worn on crucial points that contribute to the flow of blood and oxygen to the face. This way, we ensure the supply of basic nutrients to skin cells to keep them healthy through each phase of your life.


· Improvement of the skin tone and tonicity;
· Maintenance of healthy-looking skin;
· Rejuvenation of the appearance of the face;
· Revitalization of the skin;
· Radiant glow;
· Balance of the skin’s pH;
· Refreshed look;
· Oxygenation of the cells;
· Better concentration.


Yin for Her by Aculifting regulates the Qi and rgenerates the yin by having a very specific reason for being: that of accompanying the woman through all her states...! And phases of life.



The anticipated energetic benefits with the Yin for Her by ACULIFTING® are obtained by targeting the Ren Mai 4 point. We can find the Ren Mai 4 point 4 fingers below the belly button. 

It is recognized as being the point that stimulates the production of the Yin (Yin manufacture). The Yin is the source of vitality of the body and mind.  

Beauty goes beyond age.


· Improve symptoms of menopause: mood swings, hot flushes, weight gain, paleness, insomnia, fatigue;
· Improve symptoms of andropause;
· Improve discomfort due to painful, excessive and irregular menstruation;
· Reinforce kidneys;
  Regulate the Qi;
  Fortify the spleen;
  Promote fertility by crossing the three meridians spleen-liver-kidneys


The Aculifting eye mask was imagined and designed for relaxation, targeting the main energetic points around the eyes. It is handmade in Québec by a social reintegration company for women.




The ACULIFTING eye mask has 13 magnets placed on specific energy points around the eyes. Activating these points relaxes the features. The magnets relieve lymphatic congestion that causes circles and bags under the eyes. They also diminish fine lines. In Chinese medicine, it is recognized that magnets placed on Taiyang and Yintang points promote sleep and ease stress.


· Feeling fresh and relaxed during long trips;
· Enjoying restorative sleep;
· Relieving migraines by providing total darkness;
· Draining around the eyes;
  Limiting the effects of a festive night;
  Relaxing the features;


The Mao Collar by ACULIFTING® is a pillar that offers you flexibility to be grounded and strong again so you can face the movements of your daily life. It generates an energy circuit to counter stagnation in the neck area, while contributing to rejuvenation through relaxation.




For those who need to relax their neck because of a bad posture at work (computer, tablet, reading, cell phone), the way they carry their head slightly forward, sedentariness. It is important to maintain smooth energy and blood flow for overall well-being. 

Eight magnets are placed on the following acupuncture points:

PC 30 (Bai Lao):               
Neck and shoulder stiffness, wryneck
DM 14 (large vertebra):
Buffalo hump, cervical stiffness, wryneck, immune system, calms the shens
IG 16 (Window of the Sky):
Cervical stiffness and pains, calms the shens
V 10 (Celestial Pillar):
Wryneck, heaviness in the head, concentration and memory, confusion


· Relaxing the neck for well-being and rejuvenation purposes;
· Relieving cervical stiffness;
· Releiving wrynecks;
· Calming the shens (emotions);
  Optimizing the immune systems;
  Circulating the energy to counter the buffalo hump;


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The Aculifting© holistic care technique aims at stimulating the energy, restoring complexion, and toning up facial muscles. This is a winning combination for clients and cosmetic professionals searching new effective non invasive alternatives.

The main characteristic of this technique lies in the fact that it doesn’t require any specific expensive product or technological device.

The AcuLifting holistic care 4 point program

1.Massage of the meridians
We bring energy to the face.
2.Muscular tendon stimulation
Achieved with small manual stimulators, this method brings blood and oxygen to the muscles and tendons of the face. The alerted muscles through blood circulation swell up and recover their supportive role.
Magnets are applied on specific facial energy points. The goal of magnetic therapy is to revitalize the skin, improve its texture and tighten the pores, restore elasticity and suppleness, renew hydration and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and finally provide radiance and brightness.
4.Tuina massage
To regulate the Qi (vital energy) circulation that flows through the meridians and harmonize Yin and Yang.

Benefits of the AcuLifting® holistic care:

·To regulate energetic circulation;
·To encourage lymphatic draining;
·To facilitate the absorption of nutriments essential to healthy skin care;
·To help breathing of the skin;
·To promote normal secretion of sebaceous glands;
·To stimulate the skin's own ability to produce collagen, soften itself and minimize wrinkles;
·To promote muscle contraction so they can fulfill their supportive role.