Based on the philosophy of Chinese medicine, ACULIFTING® is a custom-made energizing anti-ageing mask that is inlaid with 24-carat gold plated magnets, which are positioned according to your specific needs. This mask can be used daily for many years.

This technique, designed in Québec and unlike any other in the world, is for those seeking an entirely natural alternative that distinguishes itself from injectable products or other invasive techniques.

This approach is also intended for people concerned with getting natural looking results...

The ACULIFTING mask is unique and made especially for you. It brings necessary nutrients to your face to improve your skin's radiance and health, while slowing down the ageing process.

ACULIFTING improves your physical appearance without modifying it. Its results are noticeable on many different levels:

·Improved tonus
·Enhanced radiance
·Cleared up complexion
· Relaxed look
· And more…

The ACULIFTING line also offers:

·ACULIFTING holistic care (offered in our certified specialized institutes) to stimulate energy, restore complexion and radiance, and tone up face muscles.
·ACUTEEN mask for teenagers seeking nice healthy skin.
·ACULIFTING eye mask for relaxation and skin drainage around the eyes.

ACULIFTING keeps its promises by giving you back the best of yourself.

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